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Electrically Conductive Polymers and Resins

Pyrograf®-III can be uniformly dispersed in a polymer to provide a conductive network using conventional mixing and compounding equipment. Pyrograf®-III provides the maximum conductivity at the lowest loading of any commercially available conductive filler. Our Customers are using these improvements to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and antistatic properties.

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Mechanical Reinforcement of Polymers and Resins

Pyrograf®-III carbon nanofiber provides unmatched mechanical improvements in polymers required for demanding applications. It improves modulus, strength, fracture toughness, and fatigue resistance. Our customers are using these improvements to produce light-weight polymeric materials suitable for replacement of aluminum components.

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Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Reinforcement with One Filler

Pyrograf®-III is the most versatile carbon nanotube with truly multifunctional benefits. Most polymer and resin systems can achieve electrical conductivity AND mechanical reinforcement. No need for additional additives to compensate for degradation of mechanical properties.

Better Dispersion and Processing Enabled by Stacked-Cup Carbon Nanotube Technology

Pyrograf®-III stacked-cup carbon nanotubes, also known as carbon nanofiber, possesses a unique morphology not available in other nanomaterials. Pyrograf®-III nanofiber has a tubular structure with the sidewalls composed of angled graphite sheets. This morphology termed “stacked-cup” carbon nanotubes” generates a fiber with exposed edge planes along the entire surface of the fiber. These edge sites are highly reactive and allow chemical modification of the fiber surface for maximum mechanical reinforcement in polymer composites. This open architecture also facilitates rapid intercalation and de-intercalation of heterogeneous atoms.

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