Applied Sciences, Inc. / Pyrograf Products, Inc. part of winning team developing nano-enhanced thermal management materials

Press Release
December 15, 2006

CLEVELAND, OH — Ohio Governor Bob Taft today announced a $7.9 million Third Frontier grant to GrafTech International Ltd. for the development and commercialization of graphite nanocomposites for next generation electronic devices.

GrafTech’s award is part of a $16 million effort to combine nanocomposite materials with graphite-based materials to meet the high thermal conductivity requirements of cutting-edge electronics equipment.

GrafTech is an international leader in producing high thermal conductivity materials for electronics thermal management. This project will leverage technical advancements in nanomaterials to enable GrafTech to meet the growing demand for high-performance, low-cost thermal management materials.

High-performance electronics applications – such as laptops and personal computers - require thermal management materials with conductivities greater than 1000 W/mK. The thermal conductivity of natural graphite materials is reaching its limit at about 500 W/mK. Nano-enhanced composite materials have the potential to meet the 1000 W/mK requirement.

Applied Sciences, Inc. (ASI) is a key collaborator on this effort and will be using carbon nanofibers produced by Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI) to help achieve the technical goals of the effort. ASI and PPI will receive $2 million of the $7.9 million grant over the life of the three-year project.

Other collaborators on this project include: Air Force Research Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University, Maverick Corporation, National Composite Center, Ohio Aerospace Institute and University of Akron.

John Mackay
Director of Marketing & Communications
Applied Sciences, Inc. / Pyrograf Products, Inc.
937-766-2020 x112

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