Carbon Nanofibers can be used to improve thermal conductivity.

  1. Increasing fiber volume fraction results in an increase in thermal conductivity. However, this increase is not significant enough to make... read more
  2. Composites made from IM7 and carbon nanofibers (fiber type PR-24-HHT at 16 wt% loading) showed a 70% increase in thermal conductivity.
  3. Carbon nanofibers added to adhesives show promise for meeting electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and thermal management requirements of future space missions.
  4. Thermal properties of Epon 862 were increased with the addition of carbon nanofibers – but only if the carbon nanofibers were heat treated.
  5. The ablation, mechanical and thermal properties of vapor grown carbon fiber/phenolic resin composites were evaluated... read more

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